Baby Raccoons All Grown Up!

Photos by Shelly Ross

You may remember the tiny orphaned baby raccoons (including the little one in the photo to the right) that we featured in July of this year. Click here to read their story!

They’re all grown up and they returned to the wild on September 5th!

Help us care for the young animals still in our care!

These raccoons were so tiny they still had their umbilical cords attached when they lost their mother’s care.

WildCare and our wonderful Raccoon Foster Care team made sure these babies learned all the skills they’ll need to thrive once they’re on their own.

We raised them to be healthy and wild!

To see these young raccoons take their first steps into the wild is the best part of the work we do, and we’re so grateful for the support of our donors who make this work possible.

You can help us make this happy ending a reality for all of the baby animals still in our care!

We have 44 baby squirrels and over 30 young raccoons in care at WildCare right now. Each of these young animals deserves a second chance at life in the wild, and only WildCare can give it to them.

That’s why I hope you’ll support WildCare today.

Thank you for being a true friend to animals in need.