Baby White-tailed Kites

As you know, at this time of year WildCare’s Raptor Rescue and Reunite team is kept busy putting fallen baby raptors back in their nests.

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Most of the time our reunite efforts are wonderfully successful and nest monitors report the parent birds feeding their prodigal young within minutes or hours of being reunited.

(The Great Horned Owlets you met last week were successfully reunited with their owl parents.)

But sometimes the parent birds don’t find their baby!

This White-tailed Kite and his sibling both fell from their nest, and, after adult kites were sighted circling the nest tree, our team put them back. But despite recorded calls being played and the babies begging, the parents didn’t return to care for their young. Our team had to go back out and recapture the two hungry young birds!

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These baby kites are not yet self-feeding, so they must be tweezer-fed twice a day. Kites are extremely vocal (some would say deafening!) and they are very difficult to successfully raise in the Wildlife Hospital. But our team will do whatever they need to make a full recovery and return to the wild.