WildCare's Capital Campaign


WildCare is the premier organization for wildlife medicine and environmental education in Northern California today. Centrally located in downtown San Rafael, in Marin County, WildCare supports people everywhere to live well with wildlife, through a full cycle of programs including
wildlife advocacy and information resources, nature education programs, and medical aid for ill, injured, and orphaned wild animals.

Since our hospital’s founding, we have treated and cared for more than 120,000 wild animal patients in our urban Wildlife Hospital. We have also engaged more than 1,000,000 children and adults through environmental learning experiences and advocacy.


After nearly half a century of repurposing, repairing, and remodeling the physical structures that are essential to our 24/7 operations, WildCare needs a new facility to continue operations and realize our potential as a world-class wildlife medicine teaching hospital and environmental education center.


We are thrilled to share with you our vision for a beautiful three-story, state-of-the-art WildCare
Center at our current Albert Park location.

WildCare proposes to redevelop the existing WildCare facilities at 76 Albert Park Lane in downtown San Rafael.

The scope of new construction includes the restoration and relocation of the historic building currently housing the WildCare Museum, and the construction of a new, attached, three-story wildlife animal hospital, with suitable workspace for staff and volunteers, all on the existing property.

The project will include on-site development of a new courtyard to host our educational Wildlife Ambassador animals along with educational gathering spaces along the front of the property. All existing caging and hospital facilities will be demolished.

We estimate that it will cost $20 million to complete our mission-driven, board-approved capital improvements plan by approximately 2025. We aim to generate project funding through a volunteer-driven philanthropic campaign that will run until the project's completion.

Questions about the Capital Campaign and the project? Please contact Nicole Trautsch, Director of Development at 415-453-1000 x31 or nicole@discoverwildcare.org.

Media Inquiries? Please contact Alison Hermance, Director of Communications and Marketing 415-453-1000 x24 or alison@discoverwildcare.org.

Help make our future possible!

WildCare cares for as many as 4,000 ill, injured and orphaned wild animals every year, and we teach over 35,000 children and adults every year.

Your gift to support WildCare's Capital Campaign means we will be here for wildlife now, and in the future!