First Baby Squirrel of 2022

First Baby Squirrel of 2022

We knew it was coming, we just didn't know when!

Wildlife Baby Season at WildCare usually starts with baby hummingbirds and baby jackrabbits. We start admitting these species during February and March (even as early as January!), but we know the real rush of our busiest time of year has begun when we admit the first tiny baby squirrel to the Wildlife Hospital.

This young male and his sibling came in the morning of March 15th. They fell from their nest and then were grabbed by a dog. Unfortunately the sibling died on intake, but this little one, despite his injuries, has a will to live and a good appetite!

In the videos above and below, WildCare's Veterinarian, Dr. Sorem introduces the young squirrel first to a hydrating electrolyte solution and then to the specialized formula he will eat as a foster baby at WildCare.

Not everyone realizes that each species of wildlife baby in our Wildlife Hospital receives their own specialized baby formula, but it makes sense that they would!

Cow's milk has the fat, protein and nutritional balance required for the healthy growth of a baby cow -- a calf. The nutritional needs of a baby as tiny as this little squirrel are vastly different from those of a 65 lb calf, or of an animal of any other species. For this and many other reasons, WildCare asks rescuers to never try to feed a baby animal they find, especially not with the milk of another type of animal. Instead, please get the baby to WildCare (or your closest wildlife care center) as soon as possible.

To grow up healthy and wild, baby squirrels like this one will need this specialized formula, proper nutrition and a safe place to build the skills they'll need in the wild. They also require the companionship of other squirrels; WildCare never raises baby animals alone.

Although he's on his own right now, it should only be a few days before another similarly-aged baby squirrel arrives to keep this, our first baby squirrel of 2022 company. Baby season is here!

Respect the Nest

With the help of the amazing poster created for WildCare by renowned artist Michael Schwab, WildCare asks you to Respect the Nest! Even as you read this, animals of many species are preparing to use (or already using!) your trees, shrubs and bushes as a nursery.

Click to learn how YOU can Respect the Nest this Wildlife Baby Season! Watch our informative, recorded webinar and learn how to recognize if animals are nesting, and what you should do if you find a baby bird (or squirrel or other animal!) in need of rescue!