The First Baby Squirrels of 2018

It’s only March 1, but WildCare admitted our first tiny orphaned squirrels of 2018 last week.

Like all of the hundreds of orphaned baby animals we will admit this spring, these little ones needed immediate care. You can help!

These newborn squirrels tumbled from a tree when the branch holding their nest was cut by a tree trimmer who didn’t check for active nests.

They arrived at WildCare bruised and chilled, and sadly, two of the siblings didn’t survive their ordeal. But the third baby squirrel survived, and she is thriving in Foster Care with one of our squirrel experts!

Like so many baby squirrels that will come to WildCare this spring and summer, this baby needs to be fed every three hours. She needs warmth, a cozy place to sleep, and, as she gets older, she will need nuts, acorns and a big enclosure in which to learn adult squirrel skills.

With these first orphaned babies, our work in 2018 is just beginning. So many animals like this squirrel will need to be rescued, healed and given the chance to return to the wild.

In the next months we will also be working hard to share the message to delay non-emergency tree work until autumn, and to always check carefully for nests before pruning or trimming trees and shrubs. This is extremely important work.

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