Fluffy-headed Baby Songbirds at WildCare

It’s July and WildCare’s Birdroom is full of baby songbirds like these Black Phoebes (above) who fell from their nest and needed immediate care.

You can help!

These young birds are fed every 30 minutes from dawn until dusk. That’s 28 feedings a day until they stabilize and and learn to eat on their own!

The California Towhee in the photo to the right fell from his nest and was caught by a cat. His right foot was injured, and he almost didn’t survive, but he’s now doing well with antibiotics and supportive care in WildCare’s Birdroom.

Won’t you donate today to help us provide care for these birds?

WildCare’s dedicated Birdroom volunteers and staff work incredibly hard to make sure our tiniest patients get the best possible care, allowing them to grow up strong, healthy and ready to return to the wild.

So many orphaned animals like these beautiful little birds will need to be rescued, healed and given the chance to return to the wild this July.

That’s why I hope you’ll support WildCare today.