Wildlife Patient Stories

Two Unusual Birds at WildCare

WildCare has admitted some unusual birds to our Wildlife Hospital over the past couple of weeks! Meet a Pileated Woodpecker and a Cassin’s Auklet!

What’s Happening in YOUR Yard?

“Why do all the crows look so mangy?” “Raccoons are digging up my lawn, what do I do about it?” WildCare’s Living with Wildlife Hotline is lighting up with these calls right now. Learn the answers!

Baby Opossums at WildCare

These baby opossums and their siblings have a sad, but not uncommon reason for being admitted to our Wildlife Hospital: Their mother was hit by a car, but they survived!

Turkey Vulture Baby at WildCare

WildCare admitted this fluffy baby Turkey Vulture to our Wildlife Hospital after he fell from his nest, and then wandered up a hillside to his rescuer’s back door. Meet him in VIDEO and watch us reunite him with his family!

Bobcat Kitten in Care at WildCare

What would you do if this animal approached you on a hiking trail? his baby’s rescuers carefully picked her up, avoiding her sharp teeth and claws, and bundled her into a sweatshirt. They returned to the head of the hiking trail and contacted the Marin Humane Officer on duty to transfer the kitten to WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital.

Mother’s Day Mama Opossum

Who’s the hardest working wildlife mom? Wild animals work tremendously hard to raise their babies every spring and summer, but for sheer heavy lifting, we think Mama Opossum may take the prize…

Spring 2021 Orphaned Babies at WildCare

April is the month when WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital really gets busy admitting injured and orphaned baby animals needing care. Meet four recent intakes in VIDEO and learn these young animals’ rescue stories!

Emaciated Bobcat at WildCare

Watch Our Now-healthy Bobcat Return to the Wild Enjoy Sarah’s photos in the gallery above, and, in case you missed it, read the story of this Bobcat’s intake into the Wildlife Hospital on March 14 below! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Emaciated Bobcat Admitted to WildCare (story from April 8, 2021) Photos by Brenna Maillet In the photos above…

First Baby Squirrels — Respect the Nest

Meet our first baby squirrel of 2021! This young Eastern Fox Squirrel is less than four weeks old. Baby Season Has Begun! If you’ll recall, last autumn our Wildlife Hospital was flooded with baby squirrels. Apparently food supplies were robust in 2020, and many squirrels had a second brood.Our Squirrel Foster Care Team leader calculated…

Band-tailed Pigeons at WildCare

 This Band-tailed Pigeon (also known as a wood pigeon) came to WildCare with an injured shoulder. He was rescued in Novato and brought to WildCare on January 7. Our veterinarian, Dr. Sorem, examined the bird and found that, although the soft tissue damage to the wing was significant, the underlying tendons and muscles were…