Late-Season Baby Opossums and Squirrels

Normally at WildCare, summer’s wildlife “baby season” should be finished by now. But just this week we’ve admitted three eyes-closed baby squirrels and the tiny baby opossums to the right!

Help us care for the young animals still arriving and needing care!

A baby squirrel opens her eyes at approximately four weeks old, so admitting three babies (from different locations!) with their eyes still sealed shut in late September means we’re having an unusual, late-season baby boom!

Admitting 50-gram baby opossums this late in the season is also unusual.

These baby animals will need soothing warmth and formula-feeds every four hours until they’re old enough to be weaned!

Once they’re eating the foods adult squirrels and opossums need, they’ll still need weeks in care. These young animals will be at WildCare until at least Thanksgiving.

You can help us provide excellent care for all of the baby animals at WildCare!

Including the three tiny squirrels admitted this week, we have 52 young squirrels still in care from this summer. We also have 11 juvenile opossums and 28 young raccoons. Each of these young animals deserves a second chance at life in the wild, and only WildCare can give it to them.

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