So Many Squirrels! Meet an Unusual Baby at WildCare


Photos by Melanie Piazza

It’s raining orphaned baby squirrels at WildCare!

Ok, not literally, but we currently have 17 squirrel babies in care, and more arrive every day.

Most of the squirrels we have admitted are the usual gray or brown in color, but last Sunday we admitted this beautiful, silky-furred black squirrel!

She is an Eastern Gray Squirrel, but she’s an unusual color morph. She was found on the ground, too young to be on her own. Fortunately, her finder rescued her before predators found her.

Baby animals like this little squirrel need immediate help, and WildCare is here to give it. But their second chance REALLY begins with you! Click to donate now to help us care for baby animals like this one!