Storm and Flood at WildCare

Storm and Flood at WildCare

Late Saturday night, October 23, a major storm system moved into Northern California, bringing with it heavy winds and an absolutely astonishing amount of rain.

In what the National Weather Service is calling the largest rainstorm in our area since 1955, San Rafael received a record-breaking 8.35 inches of rain in just 24 hours! Coupled with high tide filling the canal that flows in front of WildCare in the middle of the afternoon, it was the ‘perfect storm’ for this unprecedented flooding.

Although the weather system had been forecast, the rate and speed at which the rain fell and water levels rose caught everyone by surprise.

See amazing photos of our team in action and read what happened in the photos below!

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We are incredibly grateful to everyone who stepped up to help WildCare during this unprecedented flood!

We have completed an assessment of the damage, and we're returning quickly to normalcy -- caring for our now-dry wildlife patients, and teaching people everywhere to love and appreciate wildlife!

Your donation will help our ongoing cleanup efforts, and ensure that we can continue caring for wildlife in need!

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