You Can Help WildCare’s Wild Babies!

Spring and summer are Baby Season at WildCare, and every day our Wildlife Hospital admits new orphans needing care.

Your Baby Animal Sponsorship means we’re ready to help wild babies whenever they arrive. Thousands of orphaned wild animal babies are helped in our hospital because their mothers and fathers have been injured or killed. In most cases, the parents of these vulnerable babies have been lost as a result of a direct or indirect human interaction.

The babies that receive medical attention from WildCare come from many different species, but just like human babies, all have in common the need for warmth, gentle care, proper nutrition and a feeling of safety and security.

Sponsor a group of baby animals for someone special and send an eCard featuring your sponsored babies!

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How Your sponsorship helps

$25 could purchase a heating pad that will see several groups of orphaned wild babies through their first months of care.

$50 could provide nearly a week’s worth of fruits and vegetables full of necessary nutrients to help your babies grow up strong and healthy.

$100 could buy a good gram scale that will help our babies’ foster care providers quickly determine if a problem is developing.

$250 could purchase a brooder box or an incubator to keep babies warm and safe when they are at their smallest.

$500 could pay for enclosures, fencing or caging to give babies the space they need to learn survival skills and build strength for release.