Tired Raptors Falling from the Skies

Migrating raptors are dropping out of the skies! Every October, WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital admits at least a dozen first-year hawks that aren’t quite strong enough to handle their migrations.

Help us care for the beautiful birds that desperately need our care!

These birds hatched this spring, and this is the first time they’ve attempted the migration route along California’s coast that they will follow for the rest of their lives.

Flying long distances is exhausting, and it takes considerable reserves of body fat and muscle. The hawks we admit to WildCare this time of year are emaciated (thin) and dehydrated, indicating that they may not have built up the reserves needed for travel, or they’re not successfully hunting along the way.

These hawks will be in care for several weeks, recouping their strength and rebuilding their reserves!

Providing healthy meals for starving hawks is expensive! You can help!

These beautiful raptors deserve the chance to fly free and finish their migrations. Only WildCare (with YOUR help!) can give them that chance.

That’s why I hope you’ll support WildCare today.