Whoooo’s That Angry Bird?

Whoooo’s that angry bird?

This fluffy Great Horned Owlet may have grown up in a nest above a playground, but his experience was anything but fun!

When he hopped out of his nest, he fell directly into the mouth of a large yellow plastic slide (the round enclosed kind) that was being stored at the back of the playground. He was stuck!

Fortunately neighbors heard him scrabbling against the plastic and, with great difficulty, they were able to tip the slide over, let him out and get him to WildCare. Scroll down to see the fun video they put together of this owlet’s journey!

A check-up at the Wildlife Hospital showed that this baby was dehydrated and hungry, but not injured. After a couple of days of fluids and lots of food, he was ready to be returned to the nest.

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A volunteer aborist scaled the tree, hung a basket (although this baby is a “brancher” and probably too energetic to want to stay put in a nest!) and placed the little owl in it. The climber quickly rappelled out of the tree and cleared away his gear.

The next morning, spotters reported the parent Great Horned Owls feeding their baby on a branch below the wicker nest!

This baby is back in the care of his parents, and we know he’s healthy and ready for his life in the wild. This little owl’s second chance was only possible due to his wonderful rescuers and to WildCare.

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Thank you for being a true friend to animals in need.

Thank you Mai and Diane for your rescue and this wonderful video!