WildCare Emergency Update

Update 10/30/19

Our lights are on, come enjoy special animal encounters at WildCare!

It has been a challenging few days, but the power is finally back on at WildCare.

Kestrel on the glove. Photo by Tory RussellWe recognize that not everyone is as fortunate, however, and we know that many people are still stranded, unable to return to their homes.

I would like to invite you to WildCare today for a special day of activities and animal encounters! Click for directions!

Our Wildlife Hospital is open to accept wildlife patients in need, and we want to offer a day of fun activities for kids still out of school,
and anyone still displaced. WildCare will have live animal presentations, activities for kids and we’re a place to recover and
recuperate today.

Even without power, we were planning this day, but with power we can even offer our restrooms plus outlets to charge your devices!

Schedule of today’s events:

11am — Meet Kele the American Kestrel
12pm — Meet Betty the Virginia Opossum
1pm — Meet Rosy the Rosy Boa
2pm — Meet Mohave the Desert Tortoise
3pm — Pool Bird feeding
All day — crafts for kids

Admission to WildCare is free to the public, and we’re happy top rovide a place for families and visitors of all ages to enjoy, relax,
and meet our Wildlife Ambassador animals.

Questions? Call our Hotline at 415-456-7283



Accepting evacuated wildlife patients + Suturing in the dark + We need towels!

WildCare is fortunate to not yet be in the direct path of the wildfires sweeping across our state, but we are still powerfully effected by the state of emergency!

Several of our sister wildlife care centers in Sonoma County are directly in the path of the Kincaid and other fires, and they have had to evacuate.

To help, WildCare has accepted and is caring for over two dozen wild animal patients and educational wildlife from those centers right now. We have added them to the 200+ animals already in our care.

Providing this care is challenging because, as with most of our county, WildCare currently does not have power. You can see our Clinic Manager suturing a Band-tailed Pigeon by headlamp in the photo to the right! We only have two gas generators, which we need to run essential services like our freezers to keep medicine and animal food cold.

Nevertheless, WildCare’s doors are open from 9am to 5pm to receive more patients, many of which will be migrating songbirds who have hit windows. Our songbird ward is full!

The extra costs from operating in a blackout and accepting all the patients who need our care will be tough to manage. We’re aiming to raise $8,000 for this emergency. Our wildlife is depending on us!

Please donate to give us resources to help all the animals that need us!  Your support will keep our generators running so the incubators are warm and the food and medicine stay cold in our refrigerators.

Please donate now!


Our Wildlife Hospital needs towels!

With no laundry capabilities, we are also in desperate need of towels of all sizes (with no holes, please!) pillow cases and flat sheets. We don’t need fitted sheets or blankets, thank you.

If you have old towels, pillow cases and flat sheets you can donate, please bring them to WildCare between 9am and 5pm. Click here for directions.

Thank you to the many who have offered your care and support for WildCare and wildlife during this emergency!

As the fires continue to rage, WildCare will continue to keep you informed and to have staff and volunteers ready to help wherever they are needed most to aid our local wildlife.