Wildlife Camp

Get your kids back outside!

Wildlife Camp provides campers with an unforgettable wildlife experience, including live animal visits from our rescued wildlife ambassadors, animal-themed games, nature crafts, nature excursions and much more!

Weekly camp programs are designed to captivate, engage and challenge young people, while building conservation knowledge and values.

Wildlife Camp is a fun way to stimulate learning about wildlife and instill a life-long respect for the environment. Our mission is to teach children to live well with wildlife.

Small groups in a secure setting

Programs are taught by experienced teachers/naturalists who share their enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of wonder with children. The teacher is assisted by an adult teaching aide and a student assistant. Group size ranges from 14-16 children. 

Why are WildCare’s Wildlife Camps not currently being held at WildCare?

A new strain of avian flu is spreading through California called HPAI (highly pathogenic avian influenza). While humans are not susceptible to this disease, it is often a fatal infection for birds. HPAI can be brought into WildCare’s facility on shoes and other surfaces.

In order to protect WildCare’s Wildlife Ambassador Animals and hospital patients WildCare’s property is closed to the public for visitations and camp.

Spring and Summer Wildlife Camps will be held at Short School and the Albert J Boro Community Center, both located in Central San Rafael.

WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital remains open for admissions of injured or orphaned animals 9:00am - 5:00pm, 7 days a week. If you have found an injured or orphaned animal, please call our hotline at 415-456-7283 (SAVE) for instructions.

Wildlife Camp Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than five weeks prior to the session’s start date will incur a $75 administrative fee.  Cancellations made less than five weeks prior to the session’s start date are non-refundable. There are no partial refunds for missed days.

Camp sessions are optimally designed for the stated grade groups. Please do not register your camper in a session for which they are not eligible. If you register your camper for a session for which they are not grade-appropriate, WildCare reserves the right to cancel your camper’s enrollment and apply our cancellation policy.

Medication Policy

Our staff is not authorized to administer medications of any kind to campers. If your child requires medication during the day they must be able to self-administer with minimal supervision. Campers will carry their own emergency medications such as Epipens and inhalers and camp staff will instruct and support campers should an emergency arise.

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - Effective 2023

In order to prioritize the health and safety of our campers and staff, we will be mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all staff and participants who are eligible to receive it. Parents will be required to show proof of vaccination for their child when they submit the required emergency health form.

Wildlife Camp Sessions

Ambassador Mohave With Kids

WildCare Summer Wildlife Camp

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Session 1A (morning) Growing Up Wild

This camp is FULL! Please click here to be added to the waitlist.


Growing up in the wild can be a tricky task!

Examine the fascinating ways different animals raise their young, the interesting adaptations baby animals have to survive in the wild and simple ways we can help to keep them safe from harm. Participants will experience daily visits from WildCare's Wildlife Ambassador Animals. No field trips for this session, however camp will go on short excursions to nearby Gerstle Park.

Campers must have attended pre-school, and all campers must be fully potty trained to be enrolled in WildCare’s camps. See Special Considerations for Pre-K campers below. 1A is the morning session, and 1B is the afternoon session.

Special Considerations for Pre-K Campers

All campers must be fully potty trained to be enrolled in WildCare's Camps. This means they must be independent in all aspects of using the bathroom as WildCare Camp staff is not permitted to assist campers in any way while in the bathroom. Potty trained campers:

- Can tell the teacher when they need to go to the bathroom
- Can attend to their own hygiene without adult assistance
- Can fasten their own clothing

*Due to HPAI, WildCare’s center is closed to the public. HPAI is a new strain of avian flu that is not a health concern for humans, but can be deadly to many types of birds and can be brought in to our center on shoes and clothing, putting WildCare’s Wildlife Ambassador birds and hospital patients at risk.

WildCare’s Growing Up Wild Camp will be held at Short School, located at 35 Marin St. in San Rafael.

Scholarships Available!

WildCare wants to ensure that every child has a chance to participate in Wildlife Camp. If you feel that you will need financial assistance in order for your child to attend camp, please click to, fill out and submit the scholarship request form.