Help wildlife

When wildlife needs a helping hand, WildCare is there! Our programs work together to give animals a second chance and to make a real difference in their survival.

Photo by Janet Kessler

WildCare Helps Wildlife

The Wildlife Hospital helps injured, ill and orphaned wildlife recover from negative interactions with humans (over 90% of patients are admitted to our Hospital due to negative interactions with people or our stuff).

Our Wildlife Advocacy work affects positive change for the environment and the world we share with wildlife.

Our Living with Wildlife Hotline 415-456-7283 and our WildCare Solutions consulting service work to stop animals from becoming injured in the first place by providing practical, humane and effective solutions to nuisance wildlife problems.

Our Hungry Owl Project solves rodent problems with a natural solution.

Wildlife Hospital

Our Wildlife Hospital treats over 3,500 animals every year

From songbirds to squirrels, raptors to reptiles — our hospital provides emergency medical care and on-going aid to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals from throughout the nine Bay Area counties.

Our goal? To nurse them all back to health so they can be returned safely to their natural habitats.

Found an Animal? Call our Living with Wildlife Hotline

WildCare’s Living with Wildlife Hotline (415-456-SAVE). address the underlying problems inherent in the interaction between wildlife and humans. The Hotline is available from 9am – 10pm  to help people deal safely with the wildlife they encounter. We field thousands of calls a year from around the world.

Wildlife Advocacy

WildCare Takes a Stand

When legislative policies or human behaviors threaten the welfare of wildlife in the Bay Area, WildCare takes a stand — and helps you do so, too. Join us in speaking out for positive change for the environment and the world we share with wildlife.