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Volunteering at WildCare

Lend a Hand

As a nonprofit organization we depend upon the commitment of over 250 volunteers to help staff our programs, including our core animal aid and education programs. Each year over 35,000 hours of time are given to educate 35,000 Bay Area children and adults and treat more than 3,500 wild animals. If you care deeply about the connection with wildlife and want to help ensure a healthy coexistence between humans and animals, please volunteer. All training is provided.

Volunteer in the Wildlife Hospital

Join our Wildlife Hospital team and learn to feed, handle, care for and release over 200 species of sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals. Hospital Volunteers with a year of experience are eligible to become foster caregivers, providing round-the-clock care to orphaned baby animals.

Become a Terwilliger Nature Guide

Learn the renowned teaching techniques of Elizabeth Terwilliger! Get to know the plants, animals, habitats, and ecology of Marin and Sonoma counties, then share that knowledge with eager students by leading discovery hikes full of exploration and adventure.

Teen and Young Adult Volunteers

WildCare has opportunities for teens to volunteer in both our Education Department and in the Wildlife Hospital!

Wildlife Ambassador Volunteers

Help care for the nonreleasable educational animals who live full-time at WildCare, our Wildlife Ambassadors!

WildCare's Volunteer Opportunities