Family Programs

Are you looking for a creative way to make a birthday celebration special for a loved one?

Invite WildCare’s Wildlife ambassadors to your virtual party!

Two of our non-releasable wildlife residents will make a guest appearance for 30 minutes via Zoom at your gathering. Our educator will showcase the animals’ amazing adaptations, share what they eat, threats they face in the wild and their rescue stories. We will leave a couple of minutes at the end for any questions your party guests may have.

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  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Dates & Times: Tuesdays – Saturdays between 10am and 6pm
  • Ages: All!
  • Cost: $150.00

The Animals

Ambassador animal species that may be at the celebration include our Northern Spotted Owl, Western Screech Owl, Red-tailed Hawk, Desert Tortoise, Virginia Opossum, Western Pond Turtle, California King Snake or Rosy Boa. We will take requests but cannot guarantee the appearance of any specifically requested ambassador animal if, for some reason, that animal is not able to be handled on the day of your event.

WildCare’s Terwilliger Nature Guides have created three exciting Virtual Nature Hikes to bring the forest and grassland habitats to your students during distance learning.

Using the interactive techniques of Mrs. Terwilliger, your students will learn about the adaptations of our local plants and animals. Who lives in the redwood forest? What plants and animals are used by the Coast Miwok? What do Dusky-footed Woodrats store in their stick houses? Why do fence lizards do push-ups? Students will learn the answers to these questions as well as what makes each ecosystem special.

  • Grade levels: 2nd - 4th
  • Program length: 15 - 20 minutes
  • Cost: Free

Locations for the Virtual Hikes include Miwok Meadows in China Camp State Park, Ring Mountain Open Space, and the Redwood Forest.

Virtual Redwood Forests Nature Hike

Join Terwilliger Nature Guides as they share the magic of the redwood forest.

Have you ever wondered what makes a redwood tree red? Or how Coast Redwoods grow to be the tallest trees on the planet?

We will look at the cones, needles, seeds, and bark of the Coast Redwood and learn why tannin is the secret to their success.

Take a peek in the forest to see a Barred Owl, Bobcat, River Otter, Western Grey Squirrel, and Black-tailed Mule Deer, and discover why the redwood forest is their perfect habitat.

Teacher Resource Guide

Redwood Forest Hike

Virtual Miwok Meadows Nature Hike

Join Terwilliger Nature Guides as they explore Miwok Meadows in China Camp State Park.

Come along as they spot a Coyote, Black-tailed Mule Deer, Wild Turkeys, Western Gray Squirrel, Western Fence Lizards, and a Black-tailed Jackrabbit!

Nature Guides share how to spot animal signs such as scat, spider turrets, oak galls, and nests, and explain how these animals make their living in the oak woodland and grassland habitats.

What can you learn by looking at animal scat? Why do fence lizards do push ups? What do Dusky-footed Woodrats store in their huge stick nests? Learn the answers to these questions and so much more!

Teacher Resource Guide

Miwok Meadows Hike

Virtual Ring Mountain Nature Hike

Join Terwilliger Nature Guides as they explore the unique habitats of Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve.

Learn about the plants and animals that the Coast Miwok use and how resident wildlife such as Red-tailed Hawks, Gopher Snakes, Coyotes, and Dusky-footed Woodrats survive in this landscape.

Some of the plants highlighted are Poison Oak, Coast Live Oak, Bay Laurel, Buckeyes and the Tiburon Mariposa Lily that grows nowhere else on earth.

We will also share some of Ring Mountain’s very special geological and cultural features. Discover all of this and more!

Teacher Resource Guide

Ring Mountain Hike

Virtual Spring Wildlife Camp - April 5-9, 2021 - For grades 2-5

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Virtual Spring Wildlife Camp Session

Join our interactive Spring Camp over Zoom for an unforgettable experience during which campers will learn how our wild animal neighbors prepare for baby season!

This week of camp is packed with Wildlife Ambassador animal encounters, nature exploration, games, crafts, and much more!

Investigate fascinating taxidermy, share stories, and learn about amazing animal adaptations for growing up in the wild.

Watch behind-the-scenes videos from our wildlife hospital to see how medical staff cared for our most memorable baby animal patients.

Visit our Spring Camp Online Portal after each session for more activities and wonderful WildCare videos to enjoy at your own pace!

Register for the 2-hour daily Zoom session, and pick up a complimentary packet of printed activities from WildCare before the week of camp.

Please note that children not registered for WildCare’s Virtual Wildlife Camp are not permitted to view or participate in the Zoom sessions.

Cancellation Policy: 

  • Cancellations made more than two weeks prior to the session’s start date will incur a $50 administrative fee. 
  • Cancellations made less than two weeks prior to the session’s start date are non-refundable. 
  • There are no partial refunds for missed days.

Aventuras Familiares WildCare– desplazarse hacia abajo para obtener información en español.

Explore local parks!

Due to COVID-19, WildCare Family Adventures is Suspended until Summer 2021.

Enjoy a FREE day of discovery and learning out in nature with your family. WildCare naturalists will lead fun, bilingual, family outings, encouraging local families to enjoy Marin’s parks and open spaces, with the objective of deepening our commitment to take care of nature.

These programs are in English and Spanish, and are free to the public. Space is limited! WildCare strongly encourages carpooling. Please bring a hat, good walking shoes, and layers of clothing, water, snack and lunch. Binoculars are optional.

There is limited space for each program! YOU MUST RSVP IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE!

For more information, please email

Explorar los parques locales

Debido a COVID-19, WildCare Family Adventures se suspende hasta el verano de 2021.

Disfrute un día de descubrimiento y aprendizaje en la naturaleza con la familia. Naturalistas de WildCare conducirán paseos familiares divertidos con el objetivo de llevar  a los niños y sus familias a los parques locales y espacios abiertos, mientras profundizando nuestro compromiso con el cuidado de nuestro planeta.
Estos programas son en inglés y español. ¡Todo gratis! WildCare firmemente alienta a compartir el coche. ¡El espacio está limitado!


Póngase en contacto con WildCare llamando al para más información.