Visiting WildCare

WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital admits patients from 9am - 5pm, seven days a week.

Have you ever seen a pelican dive for a fish? Sign up for WildCare’s Wildlife Encounter Hour for nose-to-beak encounters with our amazing live Wildlife Ambassador animals!

Our address is: 76 Albert Park Lane, San Rafael, CA 94901.

ALL DATES FULL - Join us for a FREE Wildlife Encounter Hour! Thank you for your interest in WildCare! Check back for new encounter hour dates after we transition to our temporary site during our rebuild.

WildCare made the tough decision to close our courtyard to visitors to protect our animals from HPAI in July 2022. Now that we have successfully implemented enhanced biosecurity and isolation measures, we would like to invite visitors to our courtyard for Encounter Hour!

WildCare is offering this free program on a limited basis to allow visitors to enter our courtyard and meet our ambassador animals. The program is limited to children ages eight and older. Currently all dates are full! As WildCare rebuilds our facility, we will be moving to a transition site later this year. Check back on this page later for future visit opportunities. 

You'll have the opportunity to meet up to 11 of our amazing ambassador animals and learn more about what we are doing to protect our patients and ambassador animals from HPAI.

After a short HPAI presentation, our talented staff and volunteers will bring out several of our amazing ambassador animals. You'll have the opportunity to watch our staff feed our majestic pelicans in their pool enclosure. Visitors may even have the opportunity to be hands-on with one of our amazing reptiles like Mohave, the Desert Tortoise, or Stryker, the California Kingsnake!

If you have poultry or other captive birds at home please click here to find out more about HPAI and the risks posed to your birds.

There are currently  no upcoming Wildlife Encounter Hour dates and times.

Our Wildlife Ambassador Animals

Meet Our Wildlife Ambassadors

By sharing their rescue stories, these animals act as ambassadors for their species in order to increase awareness of their plight in the wild.

WildCare’s is home to non-releasable wild animals. All of our Wildlife Ambassadors have shown themselves adaptable to the demands and stresses of living near humans, and each of them provides an invaluable opportunity for the public to view native animals up close.