Welcome to Wildcare

WildCare's Wildlife Hospital is OPEN to admit patients 9am - 5pm, but our Courtyard and Museum are closed to visitors as of Saturday, July 16, 2022.

This closure is out of concern for our resident Wildlife Ambassador animals due to the detection of
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in birds in California. Learn more...

Wildlife Ambassadors at Nature Camp

WildCare Center Tours

Unfortunately, due to HPAI, WildCare Center Tours are not currently available. Please check back!

Center Tour Description:

Meet our resident Wildlife Ambassadors in an engaging guided tour!

Learn about WildCare’s mission, along with success stories of wildlife we have rescued and released back into the wild. Visitors will meet the non-releasable birds, reptiles and mammals housed in WildCare’s outdoor courtyard. Explore the natural behavior of each species, why each animal  needed rescuing and how you can help to protect their species in the wild.

Additional Information:

  • Length: 60 minute tour
  • Ages: 3 to adult
  • Price: $150 per tour
  • Group Limit: 25 person maximum per tour
  • Two special animal encounters with our Wildlife Ambassadors per tour
  • Call 415-453-1000 x19 for more info

Wildlife Residents and Patients

Meet Our Wildlife Ambassadors

By sharing their rescue stories, these animals act as ambassadors for their species in order to increase awareness of their plight in the wild.

WildCare’s is home to 15 non-releasable wild animals. All of our Wildlife Ambassadors have shown themselves adaptable to the demands and stresses of living near humans, and each of them provides an invaluable opportunity for the public to view native animals up close.