Hungry Owl Project

About the Project

The mission of the Hungry Owl Project is to reduce the need for harmful pesticides and rodenticides by encouraging natural predators. Hungry Owl Project is a program of WildCare, and we help owls by providing nesting boxes, doing research and monitoring of local owl populations, maintaining of owl boxes, and educating the public about nontoxic and sustainable pest management practices.

Did you know that a single family of Barn Owls can eat around 3,400 rodents each year? If the Barn Owl parents have more than one clutch of baby owlets, that number can even double! Barn Owls really are amazing at controlling rodents.

How You can Support the Project

Purchase an Owl Box

Love owls and want to host an owl family on your property? Interested in establishing owls in your neighborhood to balance the population of rodents without using poison or other toxic chemicals? Fill out our owl box request form and we will contact you to help with the next steps to getting owls in your backyard, vineyard, or orchard.

WildCare members receive a discount on Owl Box purchases. Let us know you are a WildCare member when you fill out our owl box request form. Current prices are here.


Support our work by donating today! Your contribution helps us protect and rehabilitate owls, and many other species through our wildlife hospital, education, advocacy, and other programs.

Not sure if your membership is up-to-date? Contact Nicole Trautsch, our Director of Development at or 415-453-1000 x 31.