Wildlife Patient Stories

WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital During COVID-19

March 26, 2020

Despite the dramatic changes to life as we know it due to COVID-19, WildCare’s work continues. If you’ve ever rescued an injured or orphaned wild animal, you know how essential WildCare is! Fortunately, under the shelter-in-place guidelines for Marin County, WildCare is considered an essential service. Thankfully we have been able to continue providing care…

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Raccoon Returns to WildCare After 13 Years

March 4, 2020

 WildCare raises hundreds of orphaned mammals every year in our Wildlife Hospital. We have many protocols in place to ensure that our orphaned baby patients grow up healthy and wild, and we always hope that we are teaching them the skills they’ll need to thrive once they are released. But how do we know…

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Volunteers Behind the Scenes

February 18, 2020 Comments Off on Volunteers Behind the Scenes

 Many of the rescuers who bring injured or orphaned animals to WildCare ask to see what goes on behind the front desk. For our patients’ safety and welfare, our license from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife does not permit visitors into the Wildlife Hospital. But trained volunteers work behind the scenes and…

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Raccoon Medical Mystery

January 29, 2020

Article by Juliana Sorem, DVM, Melanie Piazza and Alison Hermance  In this video, Dr. Amy Allen explores the raccoon’s nasal passages endoscopically while WildCare’s Brittany Morse monitors the raccoon under anesthesia. Upon his intake at WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital, our Medical Staff noted that this young raccoon was in severe respiratory distress and he had…

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Skunk Caught in a Dryer Vent

January 6, 2020

Who knows what this large and healthy adult skunk was seeking when he squeezed under a Mill Valley home. Due to the lack of natural denning spaces in our urban and suburban neighborhoods, skunks will seek shelter under structures and crawl spaces, so he may have been seeking a place to rest. Skunks eat rats…

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New Pool for WildCare’s Pool Birds

January 6, 2020 Comments Off on New Pool for WildCare’s Pool Birds

The wonderful people at Hendrickson Pools made an incredibly generous donation to WildCare, just in time for the holidays! Two of WildCare most popular educational Wildlife Ambassador animals are Marshall the American White Pelican (named in loving memory of Joan Coil Carvalho) and Baja the Brown Pelican. These two large and charismatic birds share their…

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WildCare Emergency Update

October 28, 2019 Comments Off on WildCare Emergency Update

Update 10/30/19 Our lights are on, come enjoy special animal encounters at WildCare! It has been a challenging few days, but the power is finally back on at WildCare. We recognize that not everyone is as fortunate, however, and we know that many people are still stranded, unable to return to their homes. I would…

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Pigeons Covered in Mysterious Sticky Gel

October 22, 2019

On October 13, a passerby found three pigeons with sticky, matted feathers, struggling to fly and walk in front of a grocery store in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco. Realizing the birds were in trouble, rescuers brought them, stressed and terrified, to WildCare, where Medical Staff took immediate steps to hydrate, warm and…

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Opossum Mama and Family

October 11, 2019 Comments Off on Opossum Mama and Family

 In the video above you can see the mother opossum foraging for food with her whole family, including the two white siblings on board! You can tell that all those babies are heavy, and keep an eye out for the little one who is half in and half out of the pouch as mom…

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Unusual Baby Raccoon at WildCare

October 2, 2019 Comments Off on Unusual Baby Raccoon at WildCare

Early fall is a busy time for WildCare’s Living with Wildlife Hotline 415-456-7283, even as things SHOULD be slowing slowing down in the Wildlife Hospital. We’ve had some indications that this fall is going to be unusual, however! Ping-pong balls are lots of fun, and they build the dexterity these young raccoons will need to…

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