Wildlife Patient Stories

Emaciated Pelicans at WildCare

May 8, 2024 Comments Off on Emaciated Pelicans at WildCare

Wildlife experts up and down the California coast are concerned that Brown Pelicans are facing another “stranding event” like the one we saw in 2022.That year, our partner organization International…

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Reunited Great Horned Owlets

April 18, 2024 Comments Off on Reunited Great Horned Owlets

Although Great Horned Owls are very good parents, they aren’t exactly champion nest builders. In fact, these large owls don’t even build their own nests– they take over the already-built…

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This Duckling Nearly Drowned

April 3, 2024 Comments Off on This Duckling Nearly Drowned

A mother Mallard leads her ducklings to water as soon as possible after they hatch, but the water source she chooses isn’t always safe!This duckling’s mother led him and his…

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Orphaned Opossums at WildCare

March 20, 2024 Comments Off on Orphaned Opossums at WildCare

These baby Virginia Opossums came to WildCare after a very traumatic experience: their mother wandered too close to a road, and was killed by a car. Astonishingly, although not all of…

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Baby Jackrabbits and Fawns — the 5 Cs

February 28, 2024 Comments Off on Baby Jackrabbits and Fawns — the 5 Cs

Every spring WildCare admits a number of animals, usually fawns and baby jackrabbits, but also fledgling birds, that have been “kidnapped” by well-meaning people who found them alone and assumed…

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First Baby Squirrel of 2024

February 27, 2024 Comments Off on First Baby Squirrel of 2024

It’s not exactly unusual for WildCare to admit our first tiny, pink baby squirrel in the month of February, but it’s not the norm either!WildCare admits over 80% of our…

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Pigeon with an Inverted Beak

January 18, 2024 Comments Off on Pigeon with an Inverted Beak

If you just glance at this pigeon patient in WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital, it looks like he is missing the top part of his beak. However, with a closer look you…

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Red-tailed Hawk

January 18, 2024 Comments Off on Red-tailed Hawk

Was this Red-tailed Hawk abducted by aliens? You might think so, seeing the gory things poking out of her chest. Everyone who saw this bird in the Wildlife Hospital immediately…

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Meet Didi the Virginia Opossum

January 16, 2024 Comments Off on Meet Didi the Virginia Opossum

WildCare would like you to meet our newest Wildlife Ambassador, Didi the Virginia Opossum! Didi came to us late last year after being caught by a cat. Although she didn’t have…

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December Baby Raccoon

January 2, 2024 Comments Off on December Baby Raccoon

You’ve likely seen mention of “Wildlife Baby Season” in WildCare emails and stories, referring to the months between about March and August when weather is milder, days are longer, natural…

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