Wildlife Patient Stories

Pigeon with an Inverted Beak

January 18, 2024 Comments Off on Pigeon with an Inverted Beak

If you just glance at this pigeon patient in WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital, it looks like he is missing the top part of his beak. However, with a closer look you…

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Red-tailed Hawk

January 18, 2024 Comments Off on Red-tailed Hawk

Was this Red-tailed Hawk abducted by aliens? You might think so, seeing the gory things poking out of her chest. Everyone who saw this bird in the Wildlife Hospital immediately…

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Meet Didi the Virginia Opossum

January 16, 2024 Comments Off on Meet Didi the Virginia Opossum

WildCare would like you to meet our newest Wildlife Ambassador, Didi the Virginia Opossum! Didi came to us late last year after being caught by a cat. Although she didn’t have…

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December Baby Raccoon

January 2, 2024 Comments Off on December Baby Raccoon

You’ve likely seen mention of “Wildlife Baby Season” in WildCare emails and stories, referring to the months between about March and August when weather is milder, days are longer, natural…

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Give Wildlife a “Brake”

October 31, 2023 Comments Off on Give Wildlife a “Brake”

Why would an owl get hit by a car? As the days get shorter, and even before the clocks fall back, WildCare sees a significant increase in the number of…

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Be Bear Aware!

October 24, 2023 Comments Off on Be Bear Aware!

Early Tuesday morning, June 13, security cameras on a house in San Rafael’s Terra Linda area captured images of a Black Bear nosing through clutter in a side yard. Seeing…

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Entangled Osprey Recovers at WildCare

October 23, 2023 Comments Off on Entangled Osprey Recovers at WildCare

This Osprey was tangled in fishing line that tethered her to a wharf, just across the bridge from WildCare. A local raptor expert rescued her, and brought her to WildCare’s…

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Keep Halloween Safe for Wildlife

October 4, 2023 Comments Off on Keep Halloween Safe for Wildlife
Western Screech Owl tanlged in fake spiderweb. Photo by Dave Stapp

Between tangling decorations, candy wrappers and increased human activity, Halloween can be a dangerous holiday for wildlife! Learn how to make this Halloween safe for wildlife.

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Lizard Stuck to a Glue Trap

July 27, 2023 Comments Off on Lizard Stuck to a Glue Trap

Another glue trap casualty, this Western Fence Lizard was in a sticky situation!While WildCare’s Medical Staff worked quickly to free the stressed lizard from the goo, they noticed she looked…

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Recent WildCare Patients

July 12, 2023 Comments Off on Recent WildCare Patients

Baby Western Grebes This pair of hatchling Western Grebes was discovered alone in a Bay Area reservoir by a local boater who scooped them both up and kept them safely…

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