Baby Bat Emergency

July 16, 2024 Comments Off on Baby Bat Emergency

It was a bat emergency in Bakersfield!WildCare’s Director of Animal Care, Melanie Piazza received a call on Saturday morning that hundreds of baby Mexican Free-tailed bats had fallen from their…

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Extraordinary Skunk Rescue in Front of WildCare

June 27, 2024 Comments Off on Extraordinary Skunk Rescue in Front of WildCare

WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital is at its busiest right now, but our team is never too busy to help an animal in need! A panicked pedestrian came to WildCare’s front gate, pointing…

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Patients of Many Species at WildCare

June 27, 2024 Comments Off on Patients of Many Species at WildCare

Peregrine Falcon Fledglings 2024 has been a banner year for young raptors at WildCare, including fledgling Peregrine Falcons! We have admitted and treated five of these extraordinary birds this summer.…

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Baby Red-Shouldered Hawks at WildCare

June 12, 2024 Comments Off on Baby Red-Shouldered Hawks at WildCare

At WildCare we are always impressed at the lengths to which raptor parents will go to raise their young.In the week before Father’s Day, our thoughts have turned especially to…

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Emaciated Pelicans at WildCare

May 8, 2024 Comments Off on Emaciated Pelicans at WildCare

Wildlife experts up and down the California coast are concerned that Brown Pelicans are facing another “stranding event” like the one we saw in 2022.That year, our partner organization International…

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Understanding Coyote Denning Behavior

May 8, 2024 Comments Off on Understanding Coyote Denning Behavior

Article and photos by Janet KesslerCoyote pupping season lasts from approximately February through the fall, and during this time, protective coyote parents are very concerned about the safety of their…

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Baby Skunks at WildCare

April 19, 2024 Comments Off on Baby Skunks at WildCare

Five baby skunks arrived at the Wildlife Hospital after being rescued from a freeway on-ramp! Fortunately a driver saw the five little skunks, tails high, marching up the on-ramp and…

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Reunited Great Horned Owlets

April 18, 2024 Comments Off on Reunited Great Horned Owlets

Although Great Horned Owls are very good parents, they aren’t exactly champion nest builders. In fact, these large owls don’t even build their own nests– they take over the already-built…

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This Duckling Nearly Drowned

April 3, 2024 Comments Off on This Duckling Nearly Drowned

A mother Mallard leads her ducklings to water as soon as possible after they hatch, but the water source she chooses isn’t always safe!This duckling’s mother led him and his…

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Orphaned Opossums at WildCare

March 20, 2024 Comments Off on Orphaned Opossums at WildCare

These baby Virginia Opossums came to WildCare after a very traumatic experience: their mother wandered too close to a road, and was killed by a car. Astonishingly, although not all of…

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