Barrier to Prevent Digging Animals

Barrier to Prevent Digging Animals

Installing this barrier properly will prevent digging animals from accessing this tempting den site. This method keeps out rats as well.

  1. Dig a trench around the deck, at least 12” – 18” deep (below ground level.)

and then attach ¼” wire mesh (hardware cloth) to the bottom of your deck.

2. Bend the mesh at a 90-degree angle away from the deck into an ‘L’ shape. Make sure you have 18” – 24” of mesh as the bottom of the ‘L’ making a false bottom that animals can’t dig through. This is the most important step!

3. Backfill with soil.

For a more attractive look, install lattice panels over the mesh.

Another method for excluding larger animals (skunks, raccoons, etc.) from under your deck or house is a product called Dig Defense. It is available online and at some hardware stores.