Living with Wildlife

The Wildcare Way

WildCare’s goal is to help people live well with wildlife, and all of our programs work together to help people navigate that boundary where humans and animals come into contact with each other.

Our approach to wildlife exclusion is simple, humane, and the only way that solves the problem permanently. Our wildlife consultants are trained in humane and nonlethal exclusion best practices that encourage wildlife to leave problem areas of your home or business. We advise you on how to confirm that the animal has vacated, and the best way to permanently seal the entry points in a structure to prevent re-entry.

WildCare Solutions Do you have wildlife problems? We have WildCare Solutions!

Whether you have a raccoon in your attic or a skunk in your crawlspace, we can offer recommendations to solve the problem humanely and nonlethally. Squirrels eating the seed falling out of your birdfeeder? Bats roosting in your attic or chimney? Call us for advice!