Extraordinary Skunk Rescue in Front of WildCare

Extraordinary Skunk Rescue in Front of WildCare

WildCare's Wildlife Hospital is at its busiest right now, but our team is never too busy to help an animal in need! 

A panicked pedestrian came to WildCare's front gate, pointing at the creek behind him and saying that there was a skunk with a trap on her foot dragging her way up the tidal canal that flows in front of WildCare's facility.

Not daunted by squishy, smelly mud (or a very stressed and unhappy adult skunk!), Director of Animal Care, Melanie Piazza and Veterinarian Dr. Juliana Sorem sprang into action! 

Turn up the volume and prepare to get teary-eyed at the video of this extraordinary rescue!

This photo shows the sedated skunk's paws after the trap was removed. Our team was extremely happy (and surprised!) to see that the damage was minimal.

As of this writing, the skunk is recovering in care. Because of the often-delayed nature of constriction-related injuries (ischemic injuries), she will need to remain in care for several weeks to make sure that her foot makes a full recovery. Then we will return her to the wild, hopefully wiser about the risks of rat traps.

While we appreciate that the person who set this trap didn't use poison, we want to remind everyone that even traps "safely" enclosed in the black boxes are a risk to wildlife if they are set outside.

Please only use traps indoors! The best way to ensure that rodents aren't a problem outdoors is to remove what is attracting them, usually food, water or shelter. 

Click to learn how to control rodents humanely, without the use of poisons or traps outdoors.