Meet Didi the Virginia Opossum

Meet Didi the Virginia Opossum

WildCare would like you to meet our newest Wildlife Ambassador, Didi the Virginia Opossum! 

Didi came to us late last year after being caught by a cat. Although she didn't have any obvious wounds, an X-ray revealed she has hip dysplasia: her hips do not sit in their sockets like they should. This impacts her walking and climbing, and means she would not survive in the wild. It also probably explains how she got caught by a cat in the first place! 

We held a naming contest to choose this opossum's name, and the winning name was Didi! All of WildCare's non-releasable Wildlife Ambassador animals have names that help educate about their species. Didi's name comes from her species' Latin name, Didelphis virginiana.

Thank you to everyone who voted to choose Didi's name! She has settled well into her life at WildCare as an educational Wildlife Ambassador.

At a recent presentation, one attendee approached Dr. Ryane Logsdon to say that meeting Didi and learning how amazing opossums are had completely changed her mind about them!

Opossums are North America's only native marsupial mammal. These incredibly adaptable animals thrive in climates across the United States, and they make great neighbors because they eat virtually everything!

Your neighborhood opossums will take care of the slugs and snails in your garden, eat the rats and mice in your yard, and snarf down fallen fruit, insects and carrion. They are fastidious groomers, and they'll eat any ticks they find in their fur.

Didi will continue to educate WildCare visitors and program attendees for years to come.

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